IMG_1425 IMG-20141121-00062Many of our supporters are BIG fans of Chester, and I am THRILLED to report that he is doing very well. These photos were taken when I visited Chester for the first time earlier this week. Just prior to returning to Canada in April, I moved Chester to a town 30 minutes from Knysna so he could live with his Grandmother and Aunt. He is so happy with this move and just loves the community where he now stays. Chester looks so much healthier, happier, and he has even grown taller. He says there is always food at home and his grandmother is kind to him. I immediately took Chester shopping for clothes and suitable-sized shoes, and we purchased a warm coat, 2 pairs of pants, 3 short-sleeve shirts, 1 long-sleeve shirt, black sneakers, and toiletry items. Week after next we plan to go job-hunting and Chester is very excited about the prospect of embarking on this next phase of his life, and the prospect of being able to support himself and help his grandmother. Chester turned 20 years old this month, but is unable to read or write. While driving in the car, Chester said “Jim, had I stayed in Knysna, I might be dead now”. Thank you to our supporters in Canada who have never lost faith in Chester.