Youth Giving Back


Thiso’s home

The housing conditions for some families remain unacceptable. People living in temporary wooden structures or shacks often suffer from leaking walls and roofs, which can mean wet clothing, bedding, and disrupted sleep each time it rains. One example is the structure where Thiso (16) lives with his single Mom.


Thiso’s bed

When it rains, water penetrates the walls of Thiso’s room and his bed must be moved.   IMG_1957 Daniel and Pride (visiting from Zimbabwe) and Simbulele recently volunteered to undertake the task of water proofing the exterior walls of Thiso’s room. Yesterday we embarked on this project using a house-wrap product which is waterproof and windproof.


L to R: Daniel, Pride, Thiso, Simbulele, Jim

Teamwork! The guys worked hard in the hot African sun.


Our photographer, Janet (with Pride) !


Simbulele (on roof), Thiso, Jim

Assessing the roof…



Leak-testing the roof (we forgot to provide advance warning) !


Jim & Thiso

Repairing holes in the metal roof.


Jim, Thiso, Elizabeth

The finished product being inspected by Thiso’s mother, Elizabeth, when she returned home from work.

TODAY…Pride, Daniel, and Thiso will help Simbulele windproof 2 interior walls of the wooden structure where he stays.

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