More Youth & Needs



L to R: Siyambonga, Ntokozo, Siyathemba, Sonwa

Meet the 2 newest members of the Bulele mentorship group at Percy Mdala High School. Siyambonga (far left) and Sonwa (far right) are both in grade 8 and were recently invited to join based on the priority they place on education and doing well at school.


L to R: Kweila, Siyambonga, Ntokozo, Siyathemba, Sonwa, Siyabonga.

Six of the eight members of the Bulele mentorship group which was established 2 years ago, ranging in age from 13 to 17 (grades 8 to 11). Luyolo was absent due to his participation in a writing competition and Onke was attending a public speaking competition.


L to R: Oyama, Somila, Janet

Janet’s newest student is Oyama (far left) who is 17 years old and repeating grade 9. Oyama’s father died a number of years ago and his mother died 1 year ago. Her death required that he move to Knysna to live with his Aunt. Oyama’s older brother, Wanga, commenced a computer science degree in February 2015 at the University of the Western Cape and is a very positive role model to Oyama.


Robin (age 18)

Jim started mentoring Robin 10 days ago after being introduced to him by his older brother, Rieced, who Jim met 1 year ago. Robin graduated high school in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s Certificate, thereby qualifying him for acceptance into university degree programmes. His interests include becoming a high school teacher and he plans to commence university in January 2016. Robin’s home situation is challenging in a number of ways, which includes an extreme shortage of food. It is a very difficult situation for him and his 2 younger sisters and largely explains his decision to take a gap year and seek temporary employment. Robin & Jim will be working closely to make university a reality for this fine young man.


Afternoon sun filtering through the trees around Jim & Janet’s house in Canada, February 28, 2015. Thank you to our neighbours Sharon and Lincoln who submitted this photo. Now you know why we leave Canada during the Canadian winter!

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