Anxious To Start

Image 10 Jim w Kids

We have been very busy and preoccupied getting settled in Knysna, such that we can focus on our youth-related programs. This Monday (3rd) we will finally be “back in the township” and returning to the work which brings us to South Africa each year!

Public Transit ?

Somerset West-20141017-00484 Somerset West-20141017-00485

Here’s what we observed driving from Cape Town to Knysna on a major highway! The truck was travelling at the posted speed limit of 120km per hour. South Africans are probably thinking “yeah…so what’s the problem?”. North Americans are likely struggling to believe that this is for real, but it is !


IMG_0547  Most of what we do may be described as mentorship or tutoring. The tutoring focuses on math, English, and science. We are sometimes asked what the mentorship entails. Our weekly mentorship groups are structured, have a 90 minute agenda, make extensive use of short videos to stimulate discussion, and have the broad purpose of developing critical thinking skills. The topics vary widely and are often controversial so as to encourage lively debate and challenge the boys’ analytical skills. Common topics pertain to life skills, educational and career opportunities, coping with peer pressure, and the risk factors associated with growing up fatherless. Equally important, we also believe that we are bridging racial divides.

En Route to South Africa

Image 23

If you are viewing this photograph of Knysna on October 15th, we are in London and waiting to embark on the second leg of our trip from London and Cape Town. While not visible in this photo, the opening to the Indian Ocean is just a few hundred metres further left (south).

Knysna, South Africa


This is beautiful Knysna, the town where we stay in South Africa. The population of the town, including the 2 townships, is 51,000. You can see a portion of the township we frequent in the right corner of this photo along the top of the large hills.