Clarke arrives safely

Our dog Clarke arrived safely in South Africa and is settling in just fine. Long, but uneventful, journey for all of us. Once we attend to some minor car (no air conditioning!!!) and house issues, we will be ready to get to work.

Clarke packing his suitcase…


Clarke “packing his toys”

Saying goodbye to Canada…


The weather in Cape Town and Knysna has been sunny and warm/hot until today. Still warm, but rain this morning.

On Humanity

Ted Talk worth watching:      Chris Abani: On Humanity 


Matric Farewell

While the school year does not end until the first week of December, now is when many South African high schools schedule their graduation dinner and dance. Known as the Matric Farewell, it is a very formal affair. Not surprisingly, the cost of suitable clothes and the $35.00 (R350) per person fee pose a significant challenge for many families.

Masibulele moved into Ella & Penny’s Safe House not long after we met him when he was in grade 9. Now in grade 12, Penny recently took Masi shopping for his matric outfit and Ella drove Masi and his date to the big event this past Thursday. Thank you Penny, Ella, and our donors whose ongoing support has contributed to Masi having proper food, a safe place to stay, and the opportunity to complete high school. College is next!

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