Khayamandi Changes Lives

IMG_1009 - Version 2

L to R: Kudzai’s 16 year old brother, Junior, and Kudzai

The Khayamandi Foundation of Augusta, Georgia just changed another life!

Kudzai is one of the most hard working, determined, and impressive young men we have had the pleasure to know. He is 19 years old and just graduated high school here in Knysna. He ranked among the top 5 students in his high school class and was accepted at Stellenbosch University (South Africa) to commence studying in January 2015.

In 2013 he received a ZAR 45,000 bursary after winning a National public speaking contest in South Africa. ( However, the annual cost of attending Stellenbosch is              ZAR 90,000 and Kudzai does not qualify for government student loans or academic bursaries since he is from Zimbabwe and is not a citizen of South Africa.


Kurt Malzer (Khayamandi Foundation), Kudzai Sibanda

In November 2014, Jim introduced Kurt Malzer and Kevin Glass of the Khayamandi Foundation to Kudzai while they were here in Knysna working on a township project. Both were duly impressed.

Yesterday, Jim received a call from the United States with the life-changing news that the Khayamandi Foundation will provide a ZAR 45,000 bursary to Kudzai. His dream of becoming university educated has become a reality!

Image 19

Kurt Malzer, Ben (studies computer science at University of the Western Cape)

Along with Ben and Ntokozo, Kudzai is now the 3rd deserving youth whose education is being sponsored through Khayamandi.


Ntokozo (attends Oakhill private school, Knysna – grade 9)

THANK YOU to our good friends at the Khayamandi Foundation.

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