Pride & Daniel – Zimbabwe


Janet (old), Pride (18), Jim (older), Daniel (19)

Yesterday was a very special day for us. Pride and Daniel arrived in Knysna for a 1 week visit, following their 40 hour bus trip from Zimbabwe! We last saw Daniel in December 2013, but have not seen Pride since he was 16.

This is Pride’s first time outside of Zim and his more experienced travel companion, Daniel,  did a wonderful job enlightening Pride along their journey. Daniel will stay with his brother, Phillip, and Pride is staying with us.

Pride and Daniel both commence the 2nd and final year of their Advanced Levels in Zimbabwe mid January 2015.


This photo was taken moments after Pride read a copy of the letter of introduction he originally handed us when we met for the first time in Zimbabwe. That was 4 years ago at the side of a train when Pride was only 14 years old.



Tutoring Works…

Thulani and Junior are just 2 of the youth Janet has been tutoring in Math since 2013. Both were on the verge of failing when they met Janet, however their final results in December 2014 reflected a code 6 (70-80%) for Thulani and code 7 (80-90%) for Junior! While grades of this nature may not be uncommon in many parts of the world, code 6 and 7 in math would put the boys at the very TOP of their class in their respective schools.

Some of the new youth with whom we are working…


Bronwell (16) and his mother, Iris.


Ehrll (16)


Ryno (15)

Overcast and raining this morning in Knysna, however it is about 22C. Compared to Zimbabwe, Pride finds it cold!

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